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Leo in the musical ‘FULLHOUSE’

2014 April 19th

I went to the 7PM show on Apr. 19th and the friends who went to the afternoon show told me that at the last scene, Leo dropped the ring which he was supposed to put on Jieun’s finger on the stage floor lol

I went to see both shows on 13th and comparing to those 2 shows with 19th’s show, he’s more relaxed and did so much better on singing & acting and seemed to be enjoying more. 

Also, I could see he really made full effort because he changed his vocal style and speaking tones to fit for musical. I was a bit worried we may not be able to hear his lines clearly because of soft speaking voice but not anymore. He delievers his lines loud and clear. He really seems happy doing the musical. I’m happy to see him being happy and so proud of him. Now I’m looking forward seeing him in more musicals :)

Leo 화이팅!!!


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