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KBEE Ambassador Ceremony 140721
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vixx throwback moments 。◕‿◕。 - 11/ | nom nom nom~ (pt.1)

hakyeon and his popularity when visiting his high school teacher

ok i’m really happy that he’s popular and has a lot of fans but if you just look at the chaos, it’s fucking ridiculous. the girls just surround him and don’t give him any room to get out. they don’t care about his safety and do whatever they want to like touching his hair??????? are you kidding me?? he’s a human being and no idol, nobody ever should have to go through this kind of chaos. although hakyeon was happy to see his fans, he looked very uncomfortable trying to squeeze out of the crowd. but by the end, he simply says that he was proud of his popularity (even with the physical touching and crowding). please, if you’re a starlight or a fan of any other group, remember that your idols are human and need their own personal space. of course they are happy to see their fans but please respect them.


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Gwanghwamoon fan signing event



this cat looks stoked as hell

thats just

thats just butter in a hotdog bun


It’s a valid point

[!!] VIXX N & Hyuk will be featured in the new show “Hitmaker” hosted by the Hyungdon & Defcon

VIXX N’s nickname would be “Dolbaek” / 돌백이 

A Victorious Leo in LA revels in his successfully purchased coffee. 


power and control